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[AHC] Private Hydra B5 Ampoule Mask Pack
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[AHC] Private Hydra B5 Ampoule Mask Pack

Capacity: 150g (5 sheets)

Product Description:
A.H.C Korea's newest 2016 trilogy mask!
High concentration hyaluronic acid mask.
3-in-1: Cleansing + toner + mask
Cleanser and toner included to enhance skin absorption during step 3 mask.

Full of essence, so much you can use it on your whole face and body.
Good for sensitive skin, or extremely dry water deficient skin. Eliminates redness and dullness. Anti-wrinkle. Safe for pregnant women.
Particularly recommended to those with dry skin, it can help with balancing oil secretion and water.

How to Use:
Step 1: First use Hydra B5 Soother Foam (Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser) to thoroughly clean the skin.
Step 2: Use Hydra B5 Toner to gently open pores while moisturizing.
Step 3: Pure silk/cotton mask sheet with 30g of 65% pure B5 serum.
:SKU Code
25ml* 5pcs

:Regular Price $39.00

:Special Price $30.00

:Gross Weight
80 g