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[BRTC] Bubble Refining Cleanser 60ml
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[BRTC] Bubble Refining Cleanser 60ml


Product Description:

Blemish Potion is a spot serum for troubled skin that immediate soothing and restoring skin, reduce acne and red irritation skin. BRTC Blemish Potion packed with BRTC proprietary Blemish Complex, which effectively prevents skin trouble, in addition to Blue Complex that is specially developed for sensitive skin, this spot serum immediately regulates sebum secretion and boosts the restoration process of troubled skin, minimizing damage to skin cells. Quickly soothes and reduces the appearance of acne scars.

How to Use:
Use in the final stage of basic skin care after applying blemish Serum.
Apply Blemish Potion directly on affected area.
Apply repeatedly during the day for effective treatment.
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