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[BRTC] Jasmine 3D Waterful Balm
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[BRTC] Jasmine 3D Waterful Balm


Product Description:
Shinny Look + Moisture
Containing safflower, jojoba and tangerine oil, the balm contains 10 different vegetable oils and concentrated flower extracts ( jasmine included ) to give you a dewy sculpted look. All you need to do is melt the balm on your hands and apply it on your face. It also can be applied as a make up primer, moisturizer, lip balm or even moisturizing and protecting your nail cuticles!

How to Use
At the end of skin care stage, take small amount, melt it by rubbing it at the end of fingertip and apply a thin layer on dry spots. If you want an extra dewy effect, apply a thin layer on the spots that expose to light first such as cheekbones, nose, philtrum, and forehead areas.

Various Effects of BRTC Jasmine 3D Waterful Balm
1. At the step of cream - Increasing Moisture : for your dry skin, it provides moiture so it increase it锟絪 effect and extend its wearability
2. After BB Cream or Make-up - Shinny Look : it gives you shinny effects.
3. On lips and nails - Multi Features : protects your lips and nails, and provides moiture with shinny effects.
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