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[BRTC]  Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack
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[BRTC] Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack


Product Description:
The sleeping pack is a double functional skincare for whitening and wrinkle improvement. It contains Jasmine flower water and Blue Phyto Complex. The Water Bank System bursts out moisture upon application, due to the high pressure emulsification method, it delivers multiple effects in one product.

. Jasmine flower water delivers instant hydration to dry and sensitive skin. It intensively supplies and keeps moisture for long hours. It can soothe irritated skin effectively. It forms a protective layer on skin against environmental harm. It supplies nutrition into skin. It refines and improves skin texture. It also helps enhancing skin鈥檚 resilience. The pack recharges skin and brings vitality to exhausted skin. Jasmine has a sweet and sensual aroma that has calming effect, improving sleeping quality. Patented Blue ingredient relieves skin stress and soothes discomfort caused by dryness. It helps maintaining skin鈥檚 moisture and health. It can be apply as moisturizer during the day and sleeping pack at night.

How to Use:
Night time after cleansing and routine skincare, apply thick and massage over face and neck. Rinse in the next morning.

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