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[BRTC] Salmon Fillex Volume Eye Cream 50ml
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[BRTC] Salmon Fillex Volume Eye Cream 50ml

Capacity: 50ml

鈼 Features
鈥1. Functional cream with 55% salmon egg extract & salmon oil capsule
鈥2. Moisturizing cream containing nutrient capsule with glacial water cares your eye zone and skin tone
鈥3. 10 different super food complex containing salmon moisturizes and provides nutrition to skin
鈥4. Dual function of whitening and anti-wrinkle
鈥5. Blue Phyto Complex: Patent registration no. 1119337: BRTC's proprietary ingredient with lavender water alleviates skin stress, dryness, itchiness, and softens rough and scaly skin into healthy skin

鈼 How to Use
鈥傾fter cleansing, take moderate amount of the product and apply on eye zone at the last step of skin care. Then gently pat for better absorption
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