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[BRTC] Vitalizer White Corrector
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[BRTC] Vitalizer White Corrector

Volume : 10ml

Product description
: Smart vitamin bomb golden ball item to treat blemishes and wrinkles at the same time
: New type of golden ball applicator treats small areas.
: Lock button hygienic to use.Content separation from roll for clean use.
: Skin irritation tested.

*BRTC Multi-Vital 10 System
- Tested for skin irritation
- 10 vitamins (containing derivatives) containing more than 10%
- Give vitality to tired skin by the external environment
- To calm irritation with phyto blue flax comb (patented ingredient)
- Relieve stress and improve dull skin tone
- Provides a rich skin moisture and nutrition for firm skin

How to use
: For blemishes, eye areas, smile line and wrinkle care needed areas.

1. Twist bottom and OPEN to apply onto skin.
2. Use golden ball to massage and let it absorb.
3. Close to store.
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