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 [O HUI] The First 2pcs Special Gift Set
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[O HUI] The First 2pcs Special Gift Set

O HUI The First contains the signature regenerating property, sh-SCP(synthetic Human Stem Cell Protein)created by CHA stem cell Institute, which is one of the top stem cell research centers in the world with the advanced knowledge and experiences in bio-science.

Becoming more special with unique ingredients, O HUI The first began with a study on the skin to allow women to feel significant difference in their skin from fingertips when applying cosmetics.Now, with O HUI The First, experience the power to transform your skin into super healthy, vitalized,and radiant from the within, which reflects how beautiful you are.
* The Key Properties of premium total care O HUI The First
1. sh-SCP(synthetic Human Stem Cell Protein) Is the key active property exclusively provided from CHA stem cell research center. This is a beneficial blend of 19 properties created by analyzing and synthesizing the culture solution of stem cell. This key regenerating property makes O HUI The First have outstanding effects to become premium cosmetic line.
2. Transkin鈩-hGH Is the property of growth hormone developed in the research process of human growth and maturation. The unique, exclusive Transkin鈩, technology facilitates absorption of beneficial ingredients to the skin,created by researchers of LG Household & Healthcare. This is the differentiated nutrient property for next generation.
3. Transkin鈩-EGF
Combining the EGF(epiermal growth factor) with Transkin technology, the patent technology of LG Household & Healthcare, this premium property increase the amount of EGF up to five times to help boost skin regenerating.
*Patent application:10-2012-0058752]**Journal of Pharmacy Vol.57, Issue 2, 125-131 p(2013)

The First Cell Revolution Skin 150ml
The First Cell Revolution Emulsion 120ml

The First Cell Revolution Skin 20ml
The First Cell Revolution Emulsion 20ml
The First Cell Revolution Eye Cream 5ml
The First Essence 5ml
The First Cell Revolution First Cream 7ml

Gift combination may vary based on seasonal update from OHUI

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